the submission is closed

Proposals must be submitted via the website by August 10th, 2022. Answers will be given in August, registration and payment need to be in by the end of October.

Scholars may submit a proposal for a lecture or for a complete thematic session. Only one lecture proposal per scholar may be submitted.

Proposals for complete sessions are strongly encouraged. Such proposals may consist of four lectures or of three lectures and a response. In addition, they are to include a chairperson who is not one of the lecturers.

Scholars not participating in such a pre-organized session may submit an individual proposal to give a lecture. Pending acceptance, such lectures will be given in sessions organized by the relevant scientific committee.

Participants are also welcome to submit material relating to the representation of borders – through art, literature, photography, film sessions and other relevant forms.

  1. Proposals for sessions must be submitted via the Conference website, here.
  2. One session participant is to submit a proposal with the following details: (1) session title; (2) session abstract (up to 2,000 characters, including spaces); (3) full names of the lecturers and the chairperson.
  3. Each participant must submit the title and abstract of their own paper. In the submission they should mention the name of the session.

Only one lecture proposal per scholar may be submitted.
If the proposal is accepted, the lecture will be included in a session by the scientific committee and at its discretion.

The proposal will include the following details: (1) lecture title; (2) lecture abstract (up to 400 words).

Proposals for individual lectures must be submitted via the Conference website, here.

The scientific committee of the ABS conference will review the proposals for sessions and individual lectures. Notifications about the committees’ decisions will be sent out in August 2022.

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