Due to its excellent climate, Eilat is a center for winter tourism, especially from Europe. As you book your flights it will be worth checking whether to fly into Israel’s main airport at the centre of the country (TLV) and getting a connection to the Ramon airport in Eilat (ETM),  or to find direct flights to the new Ramon international airport in Eilat.  If there is sufficient demand from people arriving on the day prior to the conference, we would be prepared to look into the possibility of chartering a conference flight from Ben-Gurion airport to Eilat.  A third possibility os to fly int the King Hussein airport in Aqaba (AQJ) and getting a taxi across the border.  As in all above arrangements, the development of COVID (or, as we hope its eradication) during the first half of 2022, will have an impact on the travel options and costs.

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It is possible to arrive in Eilat by bus from the centre of the country. There are comfortable long distance buses and must be booked in advance.

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For those participating in the post conference field trips, travel will be arranged directly from the conference site.

For those wishing to make their own separate travel arrangements after the conference, tourist options exist in Israel, Egypt (Sinai and the Red Sea coastline), and Jordan (one day travel options to Petra can be arranged from either Eilat or Aqaba).

Eilat is a tourist based city with numerous hotels. We will be working with local hotels in the coming months to get a special conference rate at at least two of the hotels (lower and higher prices) – although the arrangement will be directly with the hotel.  Israeli hotels are not cheap but February is low season .  All participants are welcome to choose their own hotel arrangements from the many hotels available.

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