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Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS)

3rd World Conference

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Department of Politics and Government – the Chair of Geopolitics
Department of Geography and Environmental Development

To be held at the Eilat Campus of Ben-Gurion University
at the tri-border towns of Eilat (Israel), Aqaba (Jordan) and Taba (Egypt)

Borders, Edges
and Interfaces

Pluralities and Scales

13-18 February, 2023

Ben-Gurion University - Eilat Campus

Update September

Further Logistical information – Travel, Accomodation etc;

Dear Colleagues and Participants in the forthcoming ABS World Conference

Enclosed please find more logistical information concerning Travel, Accommodation, Visas, Invitation Letters and Post Conference Field Trips


Registration on the web site  https://world.absborderlands.org/  must be completed no later than 1st November. Submitted papers not registered by this date will have the papers removed from the conference program.

The registration fee will cover the cost of the conference sessions, coffee and lunch breaks, the conference dinner and the main field trip along the Jordanian and Egyptian borders. If we do manage to cross the borders (dependent on the political situation at any given time) participants will have to pay their own visa fees, and this should be arranged, where possible,  in advance of arrival.

Partners who are accompanying conference participants and who  who wish to participate in the conference and / or the field trip must pay a full registration fee, which we have kept as low as possible.

Enclosed is a template of personal acceptance letter which may be used for requests for funding and for visa applications. Anyone who requires such a letter should inform us as soon as possible.

It is incumbent upon every participant to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements:

The Conference will start with an evening social gathering and get together (probably on the beach) on Sunday 12th February and finish in the evening of Thursday 16th February and you should plan your travel accordingly. There will be three full days of sessions and one full day field trip, with all sessions taking place at the Eilat campus of Ben-Gurion University. There will be a conference dinner on one evening, while the rest of the days will finish with plenty of time to chillout at the many local eateries and bars down on the sea shore.


 Almost all flights into Israel arrive at Ben-Gurion airport (Tel Aviv – TLV). You should check the local flights from there to the Ramon airport in Eilat. There are comfortable bus services from Tel Aviv  (especially for those who wish to arrive early and spend the weekend in Tel Aviv) but it is a long ride (about six hours).


To Egged website – the travel company of Eilat lines: https://www.egged.co.il/Article-809-Tickets-to-Eilat.aspx  

For those who will arrive at Tel Aviv airport and wish to take a flight to Ramon airport in Eilat – Eilat campus offers a 35% discount for morning flight on Sunday, February 12, for conference participants. The price of the flight will be NIS 249 (today $80). Those who interested in the flight will be asked to update as soon as possible and add their personal details: passport number, full name in English, email address and phone number.

We need to know by 1st November who would like to take advantage of this special flight rate so that we can order.  Depending on the number of people, it may be a special fight for the conference

You should also let us know if you wish to partake of this offer for a return flight to Tel Aviv after the conference finishes (but not if you will be participating in a  post conference field trip)

 You should also check whether in February there will be direct winter vacation flights from European airports to the Ramon airport in Eilat.

Eilat is a popular winter resort and some of you may wish to spend a longer period – either before or after the conference – in the area.  See:  https://eilat.city/en 


 Eilat is a resort city, popular throughout the year, and there are numerous hotels and eateries at all prices

 All Israeli hotels offer lavish breakfasts

  1. We have reached an agreement with the Astral hotel chain that participants will receive a 15 percent discount at each of their seven great hotels in Eilat. You can place an order through the reservation center by phone: 08-6388848 or 072-3929990

or through the network website: https://bit.ly/3SeKAqe 

Promo code: ABS15

  1. In addition, in cooperation with the Eilat campus, we reached an arrangement with the Soleil Hotel, where a 10% discount will be given for booking accommodation + breakfast, between February 12-16. The benefit: NIS 500 (today $162) per night in a double room + breakfast. NIS 450 (today $145) night + breakfast. Those who would like to arrive at the hotel on the Friday or Saturday before the conference (February 10-11) can add NIS 200 per night + breakfast. The reservation will be made based on available space in the hotel. The arrangement can be implemented until the end of November.

You can make the reservation directly in front of the reservation counter via the email address: res@ichotels.co.il or via the telephone canter: *9297

For the hotel website see: https://bit.ly/3qNE7XC

Please note that the benefit cannot be redeemed through an online order. Payment will be made in front of the reservation counter with your note as a participant in the research conference of the ABS organization, through a phone/email reservation and identification with code: SoleilABS.

  1. There will also be a hostel arrangement with the Abraham Hostel for those seeking budget and student accommodation. The arrangement includes 10% on accommodation in all types of rooms, for bookings between February 10-17. Breakfast depends on the number of guests.

The reservation can be made through the website: https://www.astral-hotels.com/ 

Coupon code: ABS10

We will be providing a morning and evening shuttle bus from a   central hotel location to the University campus. It is walkable but is uphill, and this option is probably prefferable for those returning (downhill) after a day of conference sessions.  For those who miss the shuttle, there is a frequent local bus service and taxis are always available.

Post Conference Field trips:

 We are in the final processes of arranging the two post conference field trips to:

  1. The Northern borders with Syria and Lebanon
  2. The Geopolitics of the West Bank and Jerusalem

The cost of these field trips is proving to be quite expensive. The cost, to include 2-3 nights accommodation, meals, buses and other requirements will be approximately 500$ and will require a minimum registration of 20-25 participants. We are trying our best to reduce this cost and will continue to work on this – but we do not want to underestimate at this stage.

 We will be sending further information about this within the next month and will need to gauge the number of participants before deciding whether to proceed Please let us know of your interest. Anyone wishing to participate in these field trips must also let us now by 1st November so that we can plan accordingly

We are also considering an alternative for the second field trip  for people who are anyway intending to spend time in Jerusalem after the conference. It may be possible to arrange a single day field trip of the relevant local geopolitics and borders for them

When booking your flights to Israel, please take into account your participation in post conference field trips – as you will not require  a flight out of Eilat. 

The conference will endeavour to be as environmentally friendly as possible and we will avoid publishing unnecessary materials, unless specifically requested to do so.  The conference programme will be sent to all participants as a PDF document and there will be students on site to assist with programming, technical and other logistical issues which arise.

  If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us

All communication will be carried out through this email: geopol@bgu.ac.il

Logistical queries should be addressed to Maor (in subject line)

Other queries, concerning submissions and programming should be addressed to David (in subject line)

To summarise:

  1. Registration and payment by 1st November
  2. Participants desiring the special flight rate from Eilat to Tel Aviv (and return) should write to this address with passport details by 1st November
  3. Participants wishing to participate in post conference field trips should write to this address by 1st November
  4. Participants requiring a personal invitation letter should write to this address as soon as possible.

Best wishes

Professor David Newman – Conference Convenor

Maor Feit – Conference Administrator

About The Conference

The study of borders has experienced significant growth during the past thirty years . Focussing on the borderless world theories of the late 80's and early 90's, scholars from across the disciplinary boundaries have come together with new border narratives, ranging from the level of the state to the scale of local borders, from the physical borders to the perceived, and with a recent focus on the reconstruction of borders in a post 9/11 world, and the way in which borders are represented through a variety of images, ranging from film, literature, caricatures and cartography.


The conference will be held at the Elat Campus of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in the south of Israel. The town of Elat is located at the meeting of three borders – Egypt (Taba), Jordan (Aqaba) and Israel (Elat) – and just a few kilometers north of the border between Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  Israel-Palestine is located at the interface of borders, continents and cultures, and sessions will be devoted to the sensitive Geopolitics of this region, at local and national scales. Dependent on the political conditions at the time, it is the intention of the conference organizers to arrange a tri-border field trip. Following the conference, there will be a choice of two optional field trips to other critical border regions – Israel’s northern borders with Lebanon and Syria; and the borders and geopolitics of the West Bank and the Jerusalem region.


The conference organizers are hoping that by February 2023 it will be possible to hold a conference with physical participation, but will also be making contingency plans for a virtual conference if necessary. Even, as expected, a return to physical participation, there will be the possibility of some hybrid sessions, so that many scholars, and particularly students who will be unable to make the journey, will be able to participate


In addition to individual abstracts, the organizers welcome proposals for thematic sessions on any topic relating to border studies across the multi-disciplinary perspectives, across the geographic scales, and across global cultural and geographical locations.

Greetings from the Association for Borderlands Studies President

Dear Colleagues,
It is my great pleasure and honour to announce the hosting of an in-person Association
for Borderlands Studies (ABS) Third World Conference to be held in Eilat, Israel, on
February 13-18, 2023.
The Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS), a leading international organization
dedicated to the study of borders and border-related issues, has organized a World
Conference once every four years in different border regions of the world, in
collaboration with a host country institution. The first one was held in Joensuu, Finland
and St. Petersburg, Russia in June 2014, under the leadership of the University of
Eastern Finland, and the second in Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary, in July
2018, under the leadership of the University of Vienna. The two conferences drew some
500 border scholars and policymakers from around the world to discuss the latest border
research and debate pressing global and regional issues affecting borders and
transborder communities.
The third world conference will be held at the Eilat Campus of the Ben-Gurion
University of the Negev. We not only welcome scholars, experts and practitioners, but
also strongly encourage students working on borders and border-related issues to submit
and present their work under the general conference theme of “Borders, Edges and
Interfaces: Pluralities and Scales.”
We are beginning to see the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, but the light does
not clearly reveal the shape of the world we are approaching. Given the considerable
uncertainty we face, we hope that the conference will provide the opportunity for us to
share our knowledge and exchange our views and insights into the post-pandemic
We look forward to your participation.

Dr. Naomi Chi  
ABS President  
Associate Professor, Hokkaido University, Japan  

Greetings from the Rector of Ben-Gurion University

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is looking forward to welcoming scholars and practitioners from around the world to the international conference on Border Studies to be held in February 2023. As the only comprehensive university in the south of Israel (our main campus in Beersheba – the “capital” of the Negev), one of our main goals is to have a major impact on the heterogenous population of the Negev region. Our faculty and student body is comprised of all segments of the Israeli population including the Bedouin who live in the Negev and much of our research is directed to having a positive impact on the quality of life – be it medical, social, educational, ecological, technological – of the whole region.

The conference will be based at our campus in Eilat, but I hope that you take the opportunity while you are here, to explore the area, visit our various campuses (including our Sde Boker campus) and discover how the university – named after the first Prime Minister of Israel – is fulfilling one of its missions to make the desert bloom.

My thanks to Prof. David Newman for leading the initiative to bring this prestigious conference to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Professor Haim Hames


Conference registration includes participation in all sessions, the conference field trip to the tri-border region, and the closing conference Banquet

An early bird price will apply to those who register by 31st August 2022

Physical Participation

Full Price


  • conference proceedings
  • conference materials
  • tri-border field trip
  • conference banquet



  • conference proceedings
  • conference materials
  • tri-border field trip
  • conference banquet



  • conference proceedings
  • conference materials
  • tri-border field trip
  • conference banquet

Virtual Participation

Please note that virtual attendance at the conference will only be possible for sessions taking place in the main auditorium
(including all plenary sessions)
and one other venue of the conference.

Full Price


  • conference proceedings
  • all virtual sessions
  • virtual field trip



  • conference proceedings
  • all virtual sessions
  • virtual field trip



  • conference proceedings
  • all virtual sessions
  • virtual field trip

NB: Price is in US dollars.

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